ASTM Standard
D5061 Test Method for Microscopical Determination of the Textural Components of Metallurgical Coke

ASTM D121-09a Standard Terminology of Coal and Coke. 2014.

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  • coke pore — n as used in Test Method D5061, a microscopically distinguishable void that is a structural element of coke. D5061 DISCUSSION Coke pores are considered to be nearly sphericalshaped voids created by the entrapment of gaseous volatiles during the… …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • filler phase — n as used in Test Method D5061, a discontinuous solid formed from coal macerals and minerals that do not deform thermoplastically during carbonization. D5061 DISCUSSION The filler phase material is formed from coal macerals that are inert with… …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • anisotropic — adj as used in Test Method D5061, exhibiting optical properties of different values when viewed with an optical microscope having mutually exclusive polarized light, for example, crossed nicols. D5061 …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • binder phase — n as used in Test Method D5061, a continuous solid carbon matrix formed during the thermoplastic deformation of those coal macerals that become plastic during carbonization. DISCUSSION The binder phase material is formed from the thermoplastic… …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • carbon form — n as used in Test Method D5061, microscopically distinguishable carbonaceous textural components of coke, but excluding mineral carbonates. DISCUSSION Carbon forms are recognized on the basis of their reflectance, anisotropy, and morphology. They …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • circular anisotropic phase — n as used in Test Method D5061, a group of binder phase anisotropic carbon textures that are distinguished by approximately circular domains (that is length equals width) and composed of fine circular (0.5 to 1.0 µm), medium circular (1.0 to 1.5… …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • coke reactivity — n as used in Test Method D5061, a measure of the mass loss when coke, held at a designated temperature, is contacted with gaseous carbon dioxide over a specific time interval. D5061 …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • coke wall — n as used in Test Method D5061, a predominantly carbonaceous layer that encloses a coke pore and which is a structural element and essence of coke. D5061 …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • depositional carbon — n as used in Test Method D5061, a group of carbon forms that are formed from cracking and nucleation of gas phase hydrocarbon molecules during coal carbonization. D5061 • pyrolytic carbon sooty carbon spherulitic carbon …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • domain — n as used in Test Method D5061, a region of anisotropy in a carbon form that is distinctively marked by its isochromatic boundary and cleavage. D5061 …   Coke&Coal Terminology

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